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Welcome to Our website !

Children and Poor Student Development Organization is a nongovernmental organization in Cambodia target to help the underprivileged children and disadvantage students in Phnom Penh.CPDO strives to help students from the province to receive funding in education to further their educational study in Phnom Penh and to rescue children who are vulnerable to have a better lives.

CPDO strives to help the poor students who are unable to have adequate education due to their lack of funds and support. We try to support all students who are willing to work hard for better education and a more knowledgeable life.

CPDO not only provide students with support in education but personal development as a valuable person in the Khmer community. If we all lend each other a hand we can help these students achieve their dreams.

Our Purposes

Children and Poor Student Development Organization's main purpose is to help children and disadvantage students who are in Cambodia, from poor province and Phnom Penh to receive free job and educational training, as well as assistance in personal development and life skills that would benefit them in the future.We not only provide training but assist them with overall support both emotionally and economically. We teach as well as provide assistance in finding the right job for the right student.

Our goal is to ensure that even the most disadvantage student is able to have high educational studies with the help and support of CPDO.Our purpose is to make high education apart of every child’s dream, reachable.


To help vulnerable children and poor university student from 18-24 years have a better lives with education and job skills, to give them a chance of self development. 

CPDO Mission

-To provide support, protection and services to children and university student with education job skills, and life support.
-To ensure that each individual gain the necessity life skills to further oneself to have a better lives.
-To ensure that our training center is adequate for every Child’s learning.- To maintain a support and help all children and disadvantage students to have skills that is needed in the current work force.